Short Term Project
Campaign for Cambodian 60’s Music & Film Event in France (May, 2018)

The event will be a one day program on preserving Camdodia’s lost music. There will be a screening of a film documenting archiving and digitizing of 1960’s Cambodian music which was produced by Raw Music International. After the film there will be a roundtable discussion with invited singers of the 1960’s, producers, and artists, as well as composers.

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1960’s Cambodian Music Preservation


Preserving Khmer language and literature books are very crucial to the American-Cambodian society across the US and in Cambodia. There were many educational as well as general knowledge books, newspapers, magazines and photographs have been devastated and decomposed during the civil wars.

Khmer language books have been lost along with other cultural properties and materials. In the past, we have had Khmer philosophy, poem, novel, song books, dictionary English, French and Cambodia and even the Khmer-Khmer dictionary published the predominant Buddhist leader, Samdach Preah Morha Methea Thitpacdey CHOUN NATH (សម្តេចព្រះមហាសុមេធាធិបតី ជួន ណាត ជោតញ្ណាណោ) and his religion educational books which some of them have been disappeared presuming lost.

The impact of loosing the books and lack of awareness of reading materials have put a potential risk to Cambodian people.  As Cambodians living in America and around the wold, we have obligations to protect and preserve our national language books and the terms that we will use in daily day life.

“I don’t want people to just learn the language, I want to make Khmer a language of knowledge.” – SOCHEAT KUCH

What we have accomplished in preserving books

In 30 years, organization collects a large number of books and other materials. To extend this meaningful project, Mietophoum become to an important Khmer Archives.

With his passion of preserving Khmer culture and language as well as knowledge learning through the book, Socheat has tirelessly been working all by himself in searching and relocating all type of Cambodian books. On 1982, while he was living in the refugee camp in Thailand (Khao-I-Dang Camp), he went around the tents speaking to people asking if they have any book they bring with. Some people have donated and some people sold the book to him. In late 1983, he departed to the United States of America and started his new life and home in Long Beach, California.

He continued working on his own looking for the remained Cambodian books and documents related to Cambodian arts and literatures which have been published between 1950s and 1987. On 1988, he started to form his organization which is known as Mietphoum Khmer Spirit located in Long Beach. Besides his effort in searching and collecting the books, he has also collect other culture heritages. That includes the music in Golden Ear (Sinn Sisamouth), microfilms, classical films and reels.

Book Collection

Publication in Khmer

  1. Artists Biography
  2. Astrology
  3. Cultural & Tradition
  4. Grammar
  5. History
  6. Law
  7. Learning Khmer
  8. Medical
  9. Novel
  10. Philosophy
  11. Politics
  12. Religion
  13. Songbook
  14. Teaching
  15. World Leader

Publication in English

  1. Dictionary of Philosophers
  2. Dictionary of Philosophy
  3. Dictionary of Sociology
  4. Dictionary of Thinkers
  5. Great Philosopher (the)
  6. History of Political Thought
  7. Novel
  8. Philosophy
  9. Political Philosophy
  10. Socrate


  1. Apsara of Angkor (the)
  2. Archaeology
  3. Cambodian Magazine
  4. Cambodia Through Lens of a Cambodia
  5. History of Khmer (the)
  6. Mietophoum Magazine
  7. Searching for the Truth
  8. Wisdom, the Magazine of Knowledge and Education

Digitalization of music aims at preserving of the original Cambodian music in the Golden ear. The original music has been digitally transferred and restored in high fidelity quality.


Vinyl Record 1950s-1970s:
We have been collecting and archiving vinyl record, approximately 500 records, across the US and Cambodia. We digitally recorded and restored them in high fidelity sound quality with high-teach transferring.

We have digitally transferred the original music, audio drama and novels from reel-to-reel and tapes. We stored the digital file online and thousand of songs of Sinn Sisamouth and other artists were released on Audio CD Wat Phnom (160 volumes).

Classical and Traditional Music (Ayai, Smot and Yike):
We collected them from the tapes/CDs and restored digitally in better quality.


Khmer classic movie, film and documentary are the source of learning. We have collected around 30 classic movies, King Sihanouk film, footage of propaganda movies, and various documentary films about Cambodia.

In 1960s, there were a hundred of movies have been produced. Unfortunately, there are about 20 films surviving. Those survived films made by the nominee of Cambodian best directors and screen players includes Lee Bun Yim, Iy Vong . The former King father, Norodom Sihanouk, produced his flim in theatre format.


Wellness center is free for the public . We have a spacious place right in Kingman, Arizona which is not very busy town for the people to come and do yoga or meditation if they wish. We will provide health services and information as well as you can have free organic drinks. We provide:

Health Education

We go organics.  Every day people starts to realize how healthy they are if they decided to eat healthy naturally grown organics in their communities. We motivate you to grow your own organics herbs or fruits. Notably, due to a number of increasing the demand in organics market, some grocery stores started to provide organics products. Some are only selling the organics. You can find organics products which certified by USAD organics on the plastic or label of each products. A lot of groceries across the US have increased their sales with organics.

General Health Knowledge

We have a big collection of medical documentations. Beside doing yoga and medication, Wellness Center is a place where you can come to sit down and read the all kind of medical book, body and mind. We have a various collection in medical fields. You can come to learn or do research anytime you want. We have medical dictionary Khmer-English and vice versa.

Health Services Referrals

We act as a referrer and facilitator. When you have a trouble with finding what kind of community health services, you can ask us and we will assist you and provide pre consultation on free health care for low income people around the US. You can contact us via email, phone or visit our office in Kingman, Arizona.