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Mietophoum Khmer Spirit Center is a resourceful center of Cambodian culture, history, literature, music, and documentation. We welcome everyone interested in learning about our country.


We shall accomplish this vision when we fully get strong community supports.

Copyright Notice:

Mietophoum Khmer Spirit Center (MKSC) does not receive grant copyrights from the copyright owners with any physical materials including books, vinyl records, films and documentations. However, we have ownership rights to all digital files which have been transferred or any item produced by MKSC. No part of our digitizations may be reproduced, distributed, transmitted in any form or by any mean including photographing, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission. For permission request, write to us address “Attention Permission Coordinator”. Any person violating this copyright notice will be prosecuted under the copyright law of the United Sates of America.