Who We Are

Mietophoum Khmer Spirit Center (MKSC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization collecting and preserving Cambodian cultural heritage founded in Long Beach, California in 1988.

Mietophoum pronounces Mie-to-phoum in latin, meaning “motherland” in Khmer language.  We work to collect, preserve, protect, promote, host and share Cambodian culture and heritage.

Archive project include digitization audio, video and documents.

What we have done:

  • Providing a space to the scholars, researchers, film makers, producers, and authors on Cambodian culture and history
  • Referring the community and organization network to Cambodians and foreigners
  • Providing the music for the documentary films
  • Supporting Family of Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothea to gain the copyright
  • Releaseing Wat Phnom CDs to revive Cambodian music in 1960s and 1970s
  • Organizing Cambodian cultural events

Our Projects:

We have main projects:  Books Preservations, Music Preservation, Video & Film Preservation and Wellness Center. We are looking for financial and technical support from people around the world to make our Archive center become much more accessible.

“Cambodian Arts and Literature is a central soul of our nation. We all need to impart, protect and promote our heritage. This will inspire the people to help support the uniqueness of our culture and history”

— Socheat kuch, founder and director

Mission and Vision

Cambodian cultural heritage has almost been destroyed by civil wars and particularly in the event of the Genocide (Khmer Rouge regime). Collecting and digitalizing the remained physical items such as books, magazines, reels, films, vinyl, tapes and other pieces of documents are essential to protect from deterioration. Digitization is to be accessible by the publics and especially to new generation in which it will help them to understand and aware of the cultural history as well as to help them in rebuilding the memorable historical changes as part of the preservation efforts.

Our dedication is to preserve and promote the Cambodian cultural heritage. Recently, Mietophoum has a large collection of audiovisual archive, videography archives, books and historical documents.

Our Team

Founder / Director

Socheat has moved to the United State since 1983 as a refugee. He is a Cambodian-American living in Long Beach, California. He founded and self-funded Mietophoum (Homeland)  Khmer organization since 1988. His work in cultural preservation has been recognized by Cambodian and foreign community across the US and around the world.

Deputy Director

Meng is Cambodian-American living in Long Beach, California. She has joined Mietophoum Khmer since 2000. Her profession is Khmer community social services. Previously, she was a treasure. She was responsible for the fund raising and organizing Mietophoum’s cultural events, namely Miss Cambodia-American etc. Besides, she has been working for the Children’s Clinic in Long Beach.


Project Advisor

Maya is a co-founder of Cambodian Vintage Music Archive. Recently she has joined Mietophoum Khmer. She has been working to digitally preserve Cambodian music in the 60s and 70s.


Project Development Manager

Oudom (aka ORO) is a founder of Cambodian Vintage Music Archive. He has been working in project management, organizing the music exhibition (vinyl record displayed, in Cambodia and South Korea). He is the digital archivist. He joined Mietophoum Khmer and responsible for the program development.

Get Involved:
We are not only archived but also a hosting archive center. If you have any material such as books, articles, cassette tapes, reels, cds, vinyls, films, you can contact us. Get involved with us today to make a impact on Cambodian cultural preservation.

Our archives can not grow without you.
Way to help:

  • Contribute your collection and archive to us today.
  • Become volunteers and partners.
  • Make a donation by click “Donate”.